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Skoufa Gallery Mykonos is pleased to announce the solo exhibition of internationally renowned Greek- American artist Philip Tsiaras, entitled "Crystal Guns", as part of its summer 2018 exhibition program. The opening reception will be held on Saturday, July 28, 2018, at 21.00, at a special, private event for which the New York artist himself will be present at the opening in Mykonos. A significant portion of the Tsiaras exhibition will be on exhibit throughout the summer season.

Philip Tsiaras, a multidimensional pioneer artist of the Greek diaspora, considered by many a “Cult Figure” in contemporary art, is returning to Greece, and to the cosmopolitan island of Mykonos. In the Skoufa exhibition Tsiaras will be presenting his famous series of glass sculptures, “Glass Crystal Guns” along with a selection of other pieces, including bronze sculpture, paintings and his morphological Parthenon prints.

Tsiaras has worked in Venice and Murano for more than a decade, concentrating on glass works with the most significant of glass masters, who have collaborated with other contemporaries, Wei Wei, Jeff Koons, Gio Pomodoro, Dale Chilhuly and others.

The transparent worlds of Tsiaras are many: the “Crystal Guns” are disguised allegories with intense symbolism. In Tsiaras a surreal universe of humor and irony confront the viewer with the fragility of one’s own being, even a sense of their own existence.

At the same time, Tsiaras’ guns are a clear pop, political statement on todays’ society, a submerged cartoon, an imaginary statement of gun violence at the epicenter of American life.

In an interview for the Venice Biennale Tsiaras states:

“What interests me more than the fragility or power of glass is its immediacy and transparency. The whole actualization of a serious piece of glass takes place in a few hours. But they are intense, molten hours, and always there must be three or four glass men working in internal concert, as though it were an operating room. This means that every minute is a challenge to turn the fiery blob of glass into something not only good or great, but unique to you. Also, glass is clean, untouchable, clear, not only in transparency, but also in the way the different forms become fused. Extreme heat melts the traces of the juxtaposed elements making them smooth, organically unified, as if they were born perfectly into the world that way”.